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How can you expect us to go back to what we have at home. It’s so unfair, why can’t all men be gifted like my bull. I can only see him once a month and it’s the only bedtime fun I look forward too. He makes my boyfriend feel like a cocktail sausage in comparison.

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I just can’t believe that so many men don’t enjoy seeing their wife suck a nice big cock. I mean imagine seeing a different side to your life long partner, imagine seeing just how slutty she really is and what she would let a hot guy do to her in the heat of the moment, once you try it there’s no going back.

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She is used to her husbands 4 inch cock, so when she felt mine it was a bit of a shock. After a few sessions she’s all stretched out and says that she barely feels her husband now. Which wasn’t my goal, but I thought it was pretty hot.