She literally comes home every weekend with a cum stain somewhere

cum dripping down a hotwifes mouth and face after she had been shared

Let your wife have a night out where she is free to use her mouth with whoever she wants. Meet up thoughout the night and you’ll be shocked how many men she has in her mouth. This was my wife after about 5 hours, she had been used more times than she could count, that isn’t just the guy in the pictures cum.

At least he pulled out

I just got sent this, I kinda wish he hadn’t pulled out of my wife. You see we do have a rule that condoms are a must, but her latest bull is uncut, so she asked if they could, it was a heat of the moment thing, but I’m glad she got to experience it.

He filled this hotwife’s mouth to the brim

Another mouth filled to the brim. Without skipping a beat she gave her boyfriend a nice big kiss. It was pretty hot to be honest, it did take me by surprise to start with thought.

Hope you don’t mind cleaning up your wife

How would you feel if I left this on your girlfriends face? I have been seeing this hotwife for the longest and I have came on her in many ways for her husband to clean up. I sometimes don’t tell him where and make him find it himself.