If my hubby won’t clean it up, will you?

I just finished all over a beautiful hotwife and I went to get her a towel and she told me that her husband would be home soon and that he will clean it all up. Think I’ll build my batch more next time.

What do you really think of my ass?

My wife is a little new to the lifestyle and wanted to know what you think of her ass? We will read every comment and it really will make her happy to know your thoughts.

After he is done, I get my sloppy seconds

Is there anything better than sloppy seconds? I’m being serious, when I slide inside my wife’s soft, stretched wet pussy after another man has been inside it gives me the biggest rush. I usually finish in seconds and am ready to go again within minutes at the sheer hotness.

I’m just a hotwife who loves to flash my undies, am I wrong?

I get off on flashing men. I where the shortest skits and usually forget m underwear. My favorite is to wea a cut summer dress with nothing on under it on a windy day. I know it’s naughty but I love seeing even the most happily married man lost looking at my beautiful ass/pussy that I’m exposing to him.